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Tai Ji Quan and Qi Gong
An ongoing class, Tuesday evenings, 7 pm. Class goes to at least 8:30 pm.  Held at the Yoga Center of Chico, 250 Vallambrosa Ave, Suite 150.  All are welcome. Please visit the Yoga Center website for more info:  
Or you may call Higgy Lerner at 343-8932.

Qi Gong/Chi Kung and Tai Ji Quan/Tai Chi Chuan

Qi Gong and Tai Ji Quan are human physical manifestations of the Tao:  stillness and movement, softness and firmness, sensory awareness and response, Yin and Yang.  Focusing on breath, relaxation, balance and flexibility can lead to an increasing awareness of both our internal and the external environments.  In this class we will learn and practice Wu Ji and Soaring Crane qi gong; Yi quan standing meditation; stretching; tai ji walking; a Yang style tai ji quan form; and push hands double exercises.

About the Teacher
Higgy Lerner has been a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture since 1983.  He has studied and practiced qi gong and tai ji since 1975 with a number of important teachers including Fong Ha, Cai Sang Fang, Han Xingyuan, Jan Diepersloot and Sam Tam.  Higgy's goals in teaching are increased health and vitality and helping people evolve from being reactors to responders while having fun doing so!

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