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Welcome to my website!  I have practiced acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, for over 30 years.  There are many techniques of acupuncture, and I have trained in a number of them.  I often combine them to suit the patient and the situation.  I have a gentle treatment style, aiming for maximum comfort and relaxation during the treatment.
    Chinese Herbal Medicine is, I believe, the world's most sophisticated system of herbal medicine, supported more and more by modern research, and grounded in the theories and diagnostics of Chinese Medicine.  This is important, because what works well for one person's problem may aggravate someone else's.  And sometimes one remedy may work well for a number of seemingly different illnesses.  It is this grounding in Traditional theory and diagnostics that allows the practitioner to discern the differences between people, their illnesses and thus choose appropriate treatment.  This is in fact similar to the use of acupuncture, where different points and techniques will be best in different situations.
    I believe in Integrative Medicine, utilizing what works best from Traditional medicine and modern medicine.  I work with many patients who are also receiving treatment from medical doctors and taking medications.  In many conditions Traditional Chinese Medicine may be the best therapy.  In others, such as cancer, combining this with modern medical approaches is most beneficial.
    I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Tai Ji Quan and Qi Gong

I have studied and practiced tai ji quan [aka:  tai chi chuan] and qi gong, [aka:  chi kung] since the mid 1970's, with many accomplished teachers.  I have been teaching tai ji and qi gong for the past few years in Chico.  Tai ji quan and qi gong are excellent practices for mind, body and spirit: calming, energizing, enhancing flexibility and health in general.

Treatment Practice Style


In over thirty years of the practice of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine,  I have learned a number of treatment techniques.  I believe this has given me a variety of tools and styles of treatment to choose from in treating patients.  Acupuncture techniques I have studied and use include Tung Style acupuncture, Kiiko Matsumoto style of abdominal palpation and treatment, auricular acupuncture and trigger point acupuncture.  The acupuncture college I attended, the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, was considered a strong school in herbal medicine, and the training emphasized individualizing herbal treatment for the patient, not the disease.

Personalized Treatments

I attempt to tailor the treatment for each person's needs, and his or her sensitivity.  This also allows for the use of different techniques if one does not achieve the desired result.

Sensitivity to Patient's Concerns

I have treated many patients who were nervous about receiving acupuncture.  In almost every case, by the end of the first treatment session, they have become comfortable with acupuncture.  I have also treated many skeptics.  And the majority have felt enough of acupuncture's effects to be won over! In fact,  the vast majority of patients report that acupuncture treatment is a very relaxing experience.

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I began my studies of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in the mid 1970's with Martha Benedict, a student of Miriam Lee [whose arrest for practicing medicine without a license in the early 1970's led to the state implementing licensing for acupuncturists] and one of the first caucasians to be licensed to practice acupuncture in California. 
   I continued studying acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with teachers in the Bay Area.  I also went to Oakland's Merritt College and obtained my degree and licensure in nursing as an RN in 1980.  I then attended the first class of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco,  completing the program in early 1983.  Martha Benedict was one of the founders of the college, along with Yat K Lai and C S Cheung.  Dr Lai was involved in the initial development of acupuncture licensure in California and still practices in San Francisco.  Dr Cheung is a well known translator of Chinese Medical materials into English, and only recently retired from translating and teaching, in his 80's.  My first serious tai ji quan and qi gong teacher, Fong Ha was also involved as a translator at the American College of TCM.
    I worked for many years part time as a Registered Nurse, in burn and critical care areas primarily.  I also maintained a private practice in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.  I stopped nursing practice entirely in the early 2000's.  As an acupuncturist I have worked in a variety of settings:  at a senior clinic in Oakland, in a large group practice in San Francisco, for both adult and juvenile drug court programs, and since 2006 as an acupuncturist for Enloe Medical Center in Chico, Ca.  This included working with cardiac surgery and other inpatients, as well as developing and working in a weekly, low cost community style clinic, the first in Chico, at the Enloe Cancer Center's infusion center.  From 1998-2000 I was a contributing writer on alternative and complementary therapies for two nursing textbooks.
    In addition to my current private practice in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, and the weekly Enloe clinic, I have been teaching tai ji quan and qi gong.  I am a student of Sam Tam of  Vancouver, Canada, a true master of tai ji and qi gong.  My other main interest is music.
    I am married and have three children.  
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